Crown Moulding on Cathedral Ceiling  

Interior Doorway Arches

Interior Arched Doorways & Windows
and Standard Cased Doors & Windows

From your interior arched doorways and windows to standard cased doors and windows, beautify your home with our custom and stock pieces. Whether you are looking for the beauty and elegance of wood, or a paintable piece to blend in with your home, we can supply your needs.

  • Half Rounds
  • Full Rounds
  • Segmented Circles
  • Eliptical Casings
  • Oval Casings
  • Specialty Shapes
We use an Electronic Digi-Coder Template Plotter to ensure accuracy

Crown Moulding for Vaulted and Cathedral Ceilings ad other Specialty Wall & Ceiling Mouldings

We manufacture a wide variety of custom pieces for your ceiling, including:

  • Crown Moulding for a Vaulted Ceiling
  • Crown Moulding on Cathedral Ceilings
  • Concave & Convex Walls
  • Chair Rail
  • Baseboards
  • Window Sills

Exterior Trim

Our exterior trim is both beautiful and resilient. Using AZEK or Versatex, Wood and other suitable materials you can be sure that the outside of your building or home reflects the image you wish to portray.

Our CNC Numerical Controlled Router cuts parts to exact specifications.
With on site laser measuring you can be assured that your fine trim mouldings will look precisely as expected.

Other Specialty Items

  • Jamb Extensions
    ~ both wood and drywall extensions (patent pending)
  • Curved Bar Rails
  • Banisters
  • Stair Parts
    ~ Handrail
    ~ Compound Handrail
    ~ Curved Banister
    ~ Landing Treads
    ~ Curved Treads
  • Custom 6 Panel Doors
  • Cabinet Doors, Drawers and Fronts
  • Straight Line Mouldings
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